He gets so frustrated

What may be behind what you’re observing:

  • he may not know what’s going to happen next even though you’ve explained and even though the rest of the group has internalized your routine
  • kids with auditory processing weaknesses may hear just fine but have trouble understanding what they hear, processing the information and knowing how to react/respond to what you’ve said
  • does he know what’s expected of him?
  • does he know how to ask for help?
  • have you used social stories to give him guidelines?
  • has he been sitting too long?
  • has he taken a body break? Give him legitimate reasons to leave his desk, such as sharpening his pencil, getting a drink, delivering a note for the teacher, sitting in a different location
  • what things keep him calm?
  • would he remain more relaxed sitting in a bean bag chair? a rocking chair
  • is this a time to try his weighted vest or ankle weights?
  • would sucking on a sweet candy help calm him?
  • does he need a fidget toy?
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