Links to Good Websites

The internet is a fine thing but we need to be wise consumers of information. Read with a critical eye. Check the research. Be suspicious of miracle cures or promises to make all the difficulties go away.

Below are some web sites with ASD information. At the time they were listed, all links worked. Things change daily on the internet, though and we apologize for any links that may be broken.

Web sites with ASD Information

General Information on Autism & Asperger’s a5003c913b/611e1427d47bcec806256f3a0057f4a4?OpenDocument - Sharon Mitchell’s work web site with links to other autism sources – Ooops! Wrong Planet!   - has a free online course in autism - autism research institute – resources & articles - free e-book on autism – Alliance for Autism Research – by Center for Disease Control - Centre for the Study of Autism - Asperger’s – OASIS - Aspen – autism & Asperger’s - Tony Attwood’s site on Asperger’s – Asperger’s – Asperger’s - Asperger’s - Asperger’s – Asperger’s – Asperger’s – Institute of Neurological Disorders – neurology /uweek/archives/2001.12.DEC_06/_article3.html&title=Autistic%20brain%20bigger,% 20less%20responsive%20than%20normal – neurology - neurology – medications – dietary interventions - environmental illness with a section on autism

Teaching Strategies ng%20Students%20with%20Autism%20Document.pdf - Sk.Learning’s manual on Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders - Alberta Learning’s manual on Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders - National Academies Press e-book on autism - communication strategies for targeting problem behaviours in autism - teaching children who have Asperger’s or high functioning autism - teaching children who have Asperger’s – teaching pragmatics – visual strategies & free stuff – books, teaching tools – teaching reading visually - free program for learning to read facial expressions - Tips for Teaching Students with High Functioning Autism planning tool for teaching social skills – parenting special needs children – kid’s disabilities in literature – education issues

Employment,11280,1427,00.html - jobs,10801,44587,00.html – job accommodations - jobs,11280,3732,00.html,11280,4292,00.html,11280,4284,00.html

Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders Ask an Aspie – a site run by University of Chicago students who have autism or Asperger’s - Jerry & Mary Newport - Liane Holliday’s site – Donna Williams home page – adults with Asperger’s - advice for post-secondary education by people with ASD Will Rogers (a Saskatoon novelist who has autism) Stephen Shore - Temple Grandin’s site – Temple Grandin’s squeeze machine The most important site for you to go to if you want to understand

Informal Diagnostic Checklists (free)


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